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YoungMin Oh

Research Professor



Policy Advisor for Minister of Department of Labor ,Korea

Senior Researcher at Institute of Creative Economy, Seoul

CEO, Future Policy Advisory Group, Seoul

Research Professor, State University of New York, Korea

Research Associate Professor, Seoul National University, Korea

2010.01 - 2010.10

2010.11  - 2011.03

2011.04 - 2013.03

2013.02  - 2014.12

2015.01  - 2015.12


Seoul National Univ.  B.A., Public Administration 

Seoul National Univ.  M.A. ,Public Policy 

Subfield : National Nuclear Policy and Repository Site

Seoul National Univ.  Ph.D., in Graduate School of Public Administration

1997.03 - 2001.02

 2001.03 - 2003.02

2003.03 - 2009.08

Awards & Honors

· Departmental Full Scholarship at SNU. (2006.09 ~ 2008.09)

· The Gold Prize of Defense Minister in Korea Third Military Academy. (2003.07) 

· Scholarship for Distinguished Graduates Students form LG. (2002.03 ~ 2003.02)    

Total                18papers

First author     18 papers

Research Interest

· Energy Policy Analysis & Computer Simulation   


1. “Case Study of Accidents in High Risk Organizations by System Dynamics", Vol. 16, No.3, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2015.

2.“Simulation Modeling for Human Resource Planning and Management : Revision of Promotion and Aging Chain Model", Vol. 15 , No.3, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2014.

3. “Predicting the Effectiveness of National Energy R&D Investment in Korea : Application of System Dynamics", Vol. 15 , No.2, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2014.

4. “a Study on the Effects of Nuclear Power Plant Workers and Organizational Characteristics on Accident", Vol. 15 , No.2, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2014.

5. “Systems Thinking Perspective on the Organizational Safety Culture of Nuclear Power Plants in Korea", Vol. 15 , No.1, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2014.

6. “System Thinking Perspective on the Dynamic Relationship Between Organizational Characteristics of Nuclear Safety Culture”, Vol. 33 , No.2, Journal of the Ergonomics Society of Korea, 2014.

7. “an Analysis of the Perception Type of Improvement Policy for Contingent Workers in Seoul Metropolitan City : Focused on Q Methodology”, Vol. 24 , No.2, Korean Society and Public Administration, 2014.

8. “the Long-Term Effect of Energy R&D Investment Based on Causal Loop Diagramming Analysis”, Vol. 14, No.4, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2013.

9. “Policy Acceptance’s Change and Forecasting: Simulation Modeling for High Level Radioactive Repository Site”, Vol. 12, No.1, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2011.

10. “Fragmentation of Local Government Budget”, Vol.21, No.1, Korean Society and Public

  Administration, 2010.

11. “Pork Barrel Politics of Local Legislators and Budget Fragmentation”, Vol.20, No.4, Korean Society and Public Administration, 2010.

12. “a Relation between High Level Radioactive Waste Repository Site and Policy Acceptance of

  Local Residents”, Vol.10, No.2, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2009.

13. “a Long Term Effect Prediction of Radioactive waste Repository Facility in GyeongJu”, Vol.9,

  No.2, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2008.

14.· “Decision Making and Learning in Complex Organization : Learning Approach of Garbage

  Can Model”, Vol.9, No.1, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2008.

15. “Local Community Development Model Building Study after Radioactive Waste Disposal

  Facility Siting on GyeongJu”, Vol.7, No.1, Korean System Dynamics Review, 2006.

16. “an Empirical Study on the Policy Acceptance of Local Leaders : Focusing on the Acceptance of Nuclear Facilities, Power Plant and Waste Disposal Site”, Vol.14, No.4, Korean Policy Studies Review, 2005.

17. “A Study on the Establishment of Homeland Security Department as the Environmental Change of Federal Government in America”, Vol. 59. , Korea Third Military Academy Review, 2004.

18. “A Longitudinal Change of Public Acceptance: Radioactive Waste Repository Site Conflict in Korea”, Vol.13, No.1, Korean Policy Studies Review, 2004.



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