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Current Opinion in Electrochemistry

First-principles computational approach for innovative design of highly functional electrocatalysts in fuel cells

Seunghyo Noh, Jeemin Hwang, Joonhee Kang, Byungchan Han*


Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Tuning the Catalytic Activity of Heterogeneous Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenide for Hydrogen Evolution

Seung Hyo Noh, Jeemin Hwang, Joonhee Kang, Min Ho Seo, Daehyeon Choi, Byungchan Han*


Accounts of Materials & Surface Research

Understanding of metals encapsulated in carbon layers and their electrocatalytic applications

Seung Hyo Noh, Jeemin Hwang, Byungchan Han*, Takeo Ohsaka*


Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.

First-Principles Database Driven Computational Neural Network Approach to the Discovery of Active Ternary Nanocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Joonhee Kang, Seung Hyo Noh, Jeemin Hwang, Hoje Chun Hansung Kim, Byungchan Han*


Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Electrocatalytic Activity of Electrochemically Dealloyed PdCu3 Intermetallic Compound towards Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Acidic Media

Takao Gunji,†* Seung Hyo Noh,† Fuma Ando, Toyokazu Tanabe, Byungchan Han,Takeo Ohsaka and Futoshi Matsumoto*


Applied Catalysis B

Bifunctionally Active and Durable Hierarchically Porous Transition Metal-based Hybrid Electrocatalyst for Rechargeable Metal-Air Batteries

Min Ho Seo, Moon Gyu Park, Dong Un Lee, Xiaolei Wang, Wook Ahn, Seung Hyo Noh, Sung Mook Choi, Zachary P. Cano, Byungchan Han and Zhongwei Chen*


Electrochimica Acta

The Effect of Alloying of Transition Metals (M = Fe, Co, Ni) with Palladium Catalysts on the Electrocatalytic Activity for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Media

TakaoGunji, Ryo H. Wakabayashi, Seung Hyo Noh, Byungchan Han, Futoshi Matsumoto*, Francis J. DiSalvo*, Héctor D. Abruña*


J. Phy. Chem. C.

Universal Scaling Relationship to Screen an Efficient Metallic Adsorbent for Adsorptive Removal of Iodine Gas Under Humid Conditions: First-Principles Study

Hoje Chun, Joonhee Kang, Byungchan Han*


Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

First-Principles Study on Thermodynamic Stability of Hybrid Interfacial Structure of LiMn2O4 Cathode and Carbonate Electrolyte in Li-Ion Battery

Daehyeon Choi, Joonhee Kang, Jinwoo Park, and Byungchan Han*


International Journal of Energy Research

First Principles Computational Studies of Spontaneous Reduction Reaction of Eu(III) in Eutectic LiCl-KCl Molten Salt

Choah Kwon, Seung Hyo Noh, Hoje Chun, Il Soon Hwang, Byungchan Han*


Journal of Physical Chemistry C

First Principles Computational Screening of Highly Active Pyrites Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Through a Universal Relation with a Thermodynamic Variable

Joonhee Kang, Jeemin Hwang, Byungchan Han*


Advanced Energy Materials (Communication)

High Activity Hydrogen Evolution Catalysis by Uniquely Designed Amorphous/Metal Interface of Core-shell Phosphosulfide/N-doped CNTs

Dong Jun Li, Joonhee Kang , Ho Jin Lee, Dong Sung Choi, Sung Hwan Koo, Byungchan Han, Sang Ouk Kim


Journal of Hazardous Materials

First Principles Computational Study on Hydrolysis of Hazardous Chemicals Phosphorus Trichloride and Oxychloride (PCl3 and POCl3) Catalyzed by Molecular Water Clusters

Hyunwook Jung, Joonhee Kang, Hoje Chun, Byungchan Han*

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